Ting’s Hamsters


Mei Ting is my cousin, & she has been expanding her hammie empire lately with the recent acquisition of a new Syrian

(photos by Mei Ting, Oct’06)


C:\Users\vista demo\Desktop\kopi1.jpg

Here’s Kopi, a normal Winter White belonging to Ting. Kopi is a male hamster with damaged balls.


C:\Users\vista demo\Desktop\milk1.jpg

Here’s Milk, a pudding Winter White and Kopi’s wife. Milk has to be housed separately from Kopi because if they are put together, Milk has the unappetizing habit of (literally) biting Kopi’s balls. I call that the usual manifestation of female hostility.


C:\Users\vista demo\Desktop\tehpeng1.jpg

This is Tehpeng, a long-haired cream satin Syrian, with a huge pimple-like stub of a nose. Huge ears, I would add too!


C:\Users\vista demo\Desktop\tehpeng2.jpg

Tehpeng again. Btw, Tehpeng is “ice tea” in local slang.




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