New Peanuts!


Another surviving generation of Robos! Born 07 Oct 2005. Out of 8 babies, 3 were stillborn (I discarded the carcasses before mummy had a chance to eat them. Sorry mama, but I would provide you with other nutritious food), one went to heaven prematurely the next day, & I have got 4 strongest survivors. Was a winy bit surprised to see one of the hamsters bloating suddenly & becoming extremely aggressive towards the other 3 in the same cage. (In fact I grabbed hold of it and asked why it was getting so fat & aggressive while stroking its underbelly the night before she gave birth) Then I realized my error: I had mistaken a male for a female when I separated this batch. Should have noticed the huge balls of the culprit long ago…  Well, had to remove the other 3 adults to provide a stress-free environment for mummy so that kiddos have got a chance of survival.


I will track their growth during their early stages at this page (lots of pictures on this page; hope u have got broad-band ;)



Reddish pink in color. Fetal-like.


“What the heck am I doing here? What’s this all about?”


1 day post-birth

Size of peanut. All they could do was to lie on their backs, wave their limbs frantically & make squeezing sounds. Totally clueless.


“Yeah… I am totally clueless. But my lungs seem to be functioning”


7 days post-birth

Eyes unopened, but whiskers & ears have started to develop. Could crawl a little as limbs start to strengthen.


“Will ya stop rolling me about on your palm?”



“Will someone get me some clothing or s’thing? It’s kinda cold”


10 days post-birth

Eyes still unopened. Ear flaps obviously protruding already. Whiskers obvious. Short fur on posterior visible. Stronger limbs; can crawl about unsteadily. Starting to look like a hamster.


“Check out my new hair/fur!”


“Snooze time.” Dreaming hamster dreams


11 days post-birth

Hair at the back longer. Eyes are ready to open anytime.


“Mummy’s milk is good for our teeth & bones”


12 days post-birth

First time I noticed them walking (crawling, I mean) about independently & quite steadily I must say. So I took one of them out for a walk on my bed. Eyes are still shut.


“Put me back in my cage, or I’ll pee again”


13 days post-birth

Able to move about quite independently. Eyes are finally open (though I believe their vision should be ultra blur now)!

Brought one of the out for a run on my office chair, & it fell 1 foot to the ground (ouch). I suppose it must be quite alarmed, for it ejected small golden pellets of waste matter (digestive system is working well!)


“Dun press on my head! Makes me stupid”


“Let me go! I need to explore this new world”


“Where’s mama?”


14 days post-birth

More independent now. Nibbled my hand when I played with it (teeth growing strong, but jaw strength is lacking still). Should be ready for solid food … time to make food & water available at their height.



“I am gonna bite thru your arm – check out my new teeth”


15 days post-birth

Can be considered weaned. Noticed one of the kiddos trying out a maize seed which means that they should be ready for solid food. They can crawl about confidently & quickly now (vision should have cleared up), but get turned over easily. Theoretically speaking, I think they can be separated from mummy very soon if necessary.





“Hey Mummy! Get off me!” says hamlet #4 (being squashed)


“What’s dat Mummy? Can eat one ah?”


“Here, try this…it’s good & my nipples ache after 2 weeks of breastfeeding”


“Oh man… the wheel doesn’t move despite the fact that I’ve already put in all my milk-drinking strength…”


No more updates until November – gonna go overseas for a week :)



2 unfortunate discoveries when I got back :(

(i) One of the babies was found MIA. Its carcass was never found, & I have already filed a missing-hamster report with the Police.

(ii) The remaining 3 babies were apparently suffering from some allergic reaction to something & had shed all their fur. Meaning I have got 3 weird-looking naked young hamsters. They look very strange, but on all other accounts, were extremely alive & jumping.


Notice the fur at the back of the babies missing?



34 days post-birth

Fur seems to be growing back slowly. Situation seems normal after I removed the new bathing dust (strongly suspected to be the source of allergy). Here are photos of Baby Bonk: the smallest of the 3 children. Bonk got its name because it bonked (really ‘bonked’ – as in I heard a distinct bonk sound) its head on the floor when it leapt from my hand from a height of 1+ meter 1 week ago. It didn’t know how to land correctly yet, & basically tried to indent my floor tile with its head. After a few worrying seconds of concussion, it suddenly struggled awake & acted ‘normal’ again. Whew. Nevertheless, if there is a hamster IQ test, perhaps Bonk would register a lower score? Hmmm…


Bonk goes left


Bonk goes squashed


Bonk goes cute



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