Grand-Baby Hamsters!


Okay… another generation of baby hamster Roborovskiis out in Jun ’05. This time, Mummy had preserved 4 cuties. Seems that she was more confident of raising more kiddos this time round. It’s really very interesting observing the ‘family’. It was especially funny to see 4 suckling hamsters attached to the underbelly of Mummy. Reminds me of baby piglets suckling a pig!


Hamster Milk Time! Suck Suck Suck Suck


Oh… my poor nipples…

Don’t go away! I haven’t finished my drink!


These 3 babies look like females from their underside. The other one is male.

Hamlet #1 In prayer


Like a small ‘lump of coal’

Overcrowding problems are imminent


Hamlet #1 & #2 enjoying a snack of fresh Zea Mais

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