Baby Hamsters!


Pepsi & Cola are both Roborovskiis – a species very much more nimble & excitable than Winter Whites. I got them in Dec 2004, just after Christmas. I had to isolate them after Pepsi bit Cola’s backside in a fight. Unknown to me, Cola was already pregnant when I placed her in a separate cage in late-Jan’05, & I was amused to find 2 raw bundles of joy with Cola in end-Feb!


The ‘Papa’ – Pepsi, enjoying a yoghurt snack


The ‘Mama’ – Cola. Cola has tamed considerably after birth.

Here’s how they look 2 days old. Hairless & hmmmm…. almost edible!


All they can recognize at this stage is the mother’s underbelly

1 week old. The babies snuggle


Moving about blindly

Zoom into ‘big-head’. Baby hamsters, like baby humans, have huge heads


“You go North while I will try South!”

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