I teach introductory courses in algorithms and programming. Besides my official academic responsibilities, I advocate teaching basic coding to pre-university students in Singapore because (i) I believe that everyone should experience the sorrows (and joys) of programming at least once in life, and (ii) to expose them to a possible computing-related career. My greatest professional achievement to date was to be bestowed the title of "The Troll" by my students. I think that this dubious honour is way cooler than being "Best Dressed", "Best Smile", "Best Catch-Phrase", "Most Swag" or even winning the Nobel Prize. Meanwhile, I have yet to bag any teaching award despite being in the education industry for nearly 2 decades.


I advocate durian consumption, first-aid and life-saving training, and voluntary blood donation. I also pretend to be an accomplished (i.e. level 10) Google Local Guide by posting mundane photographs to Google Maps. As far as the Singapore Garmen is concerned, I am an "Elder" and have since been discharged from my military obligations to the Singapore Armed Forces due to old age. During my spare time, I enjoy sleeping. When I can't sleep, I patrol the neighbourhood to keep it safe.


Recently, I became a part-time student at the University of the People. Haven't heard of it? Donít worry, despite its cheesy name, it's not as well-known as it should be. It's a really cool institution though, because it offers legit online courses at a ridiculously low price of SGD333 per course. And trust me, it's NOT a degree mill - degree mills charge a ridiculously high price for very little work - but at UOP, even I had to work hard to get onto the Dean's List! So far I have been learning a lot of new stuff and enjoying the process! :D